In photographyboudoir refers to a style in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie.




Why Should You Do a Boudoir Shoot?

My number one reason is for yourself. It would be a huge boost to your confidence. It’s liberating, like a bird set free from fears you have of your own body issues. Telling yourself, I worth it, I'm perfect right here right now. It's time for you to love yourself, and forget all the excuses.

Here is a few more reason to do a boudoir shoot: Wedding gift for your loved one - Christmas - Valentines day - Anniversary's - Birthdays - Meeting any goals you set for yourselves - But most of all, always do it for yourself.

What one person finds sexy and empowering might be very different from another person! And that's OK with us. I love stepping out of the box. You can wear a sweater and boots, or go nude. Truth is, it's your shoot, so it should be what you like. We have many sets, and HUGE client closet you can use filled with all kinds of outfits, tons of props that can be added into your sets.


Here are just a few of our dark and moody sessions Boudoir Sessions, If that's not your style, that ok check out the lighter side of boudoir.

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